Termite Management Service

Commonly known as the white ants, Termites damage furniture, property, documents, anything that contains cellulose. All this is done silently, even before you notice the damage is done. Termites breed and infest underground in the soil. They spread through the minute cracks and gaps found in the walls of the building. There are some possible treatments to get rid of the termite.

Soil treatment (External)
This is an important treatment that cuts the contact of the termites from the soil to the building. This is done by drilling holes at an interval of 1 ft. to the wall and floor junction of the building and pouring pesticide so that the soil absorbs it. In this way, a chemical barrier is created that stops them from re-infesting. All the drilled holes will be sealed using cement. It is an effective way to get rid of the current termites.
We also provide services for pre & post-construction termite treatment.

Hygiene Master also concentrates on using eco-friendly products so as to provide complete safety to your entire family right from children, elders to your plants and pets.