Rodent Management Service

Rodents are animals that create a great nuisance. These are commonly known as rats, mice, squirrels, porcupine, etc. They infest your place and damage documents, valuables, litter the place and transfer diseases.
Having rodents in the house can be uncomfortable and unhygienic. From factories, hospitals, restaurants to offices & homes, they can be found anywhere. No matter how well kept is the surrounding, as long as they get food and shelter they can be found anywhere.
Hygiene master uses effective rodent control methods that help you to get rid of them in a hassle-free way. Also, our Pest Control personnel are trained through audio-visual medium, formal classroom sessions and practical on-site training. We also ensure the latest and the most effective technique is used for rodent control.
Rats and Mice are, to some, creatures of nightmares. For commercial/industrial areas, damage to property and transfer of disease is of serious concern, especially in the food safety sectors that must conform to various Health & Safety Standards.

The Treatment
The treatment would commence with strategic placement of Rodenticide baiting & Sticky Gum Trap to bring the infestation under control.

Preventive Measures
Effective control of rodents require implementing preventive/rodent proofing measures with the use of various control techniques such as good sanitation, daily pick up of garbage, good storage practice/ proper storage procedures both indoors and outdoors, reduced outdoor harbourages, weeds, old equipment's/scrap, rodent proofing, etc.

The AMC for commercial and housing societies is fortnightly and once every 3 months for residential projects.

Hygiene Master also concentrates on using eco-friendly products so as to provide complete safety to your entire family right from children, elders to your plants and pets.