Mosquito Management Service

Mosquitoes irritate you with their buzzing noise and are ready to bite you anytime anywhere. They are infamous for spreading many diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria, etc. with effective control practices, systematic inspection and proper treatments you can keep your home mosquito free.
The reasons for mosquitoes entering your house may be many but Hygiene Master has the best solution for them.
Fogging: The most common aspect of mosquito control is the treatment of adult mosquitoes. This is done by spraying the chemicals in the air which is known by thermal fogging. This process is done primarily in outdoor areas. The treatment depends on the intensity of the problem.

Spraying: A colourless, odourless and eco-friendly chemical is sprayed on the walls. The mosquito sits on the wall, comes in contact with the insecticide and dies. The insecticide is safe for humans and does not affect them. This service lasts for a month and is a one-time service.

Larviciding The causes of potential mosquito breeding are explained along with ways to reduce them within your home and society. The most common causes include open nallahs, stagnant water and dirty environment.

Hygiene Master also concentrates on using eco-friendly products so as to provide complete safety to your entire family right from children, elders to your plants and pets.