Bedbugs Management Service

Bedbugs are parasites that feed on human and animal blood. Although bedbugs are not known to be carries of diseases, they can cause skin reactions in humans. They infest the house very easily and are known to hide in seams of the mattress, bed cracks, crevice and cracks of the walls etc.
Bedbugs are present everywhere, and they are known to be travellers. They are commonly found in unclean public places and can enter your houses by travelling with you.
Insecticide is sprayed on the infected areas, especially in the cracks of the walls, seams of the mattress and damp places. To ensure the complete removal of bed bugs, the treatment for the bed bug removal may have to be repeated over a fortnight.

In AMC we offer 3 services a year and if any re-infestation occurs during the contract period, we provide the service without any additional charges.

Hygiene Master also concentrates on using eco-friendly products so as to provide complete safety to your entire family right from children, elders to your plants and pets.